pers49The first station was build up of a set 11 meter rig build to 10 meters with behind that a transverse to 144 MHz. But this thing sends on different frequencies on two meter. So that it had to re-setup. Soon after that he bought a Yaesu FT290r. Behind that there was a QQe06/40. This was necessary to work DX with a power of 80 watt on two meter.

In January of 1990 he was asked to write a monthly paper in the ELECTRON about the radio traffic on the two meter. He also joined the VHF-commissie (VHF commission) of the VERON. This was he doing for 14 years. Then he stopt. But does send in small things for the magazine about DXing on HF and about software. Like Logger32, the logbook that he did use.

The Kenwood TM255e did he use for DX-ing on two meter after the Yaesu FT290r. This set has a power of 50 Watt. To do DX on 6 meter he got the Kenwood TS2000 transceiver. This is one of the best rigs for 6 meter DX-ing, and for /P.

After the Kenwood TS2000, he got the Yaesu FT1000 for HF working. That is the best rig ever made. Good audio in SSB. A great rig. The he got the Yaesu FT2000. A great transceiver for cw. And with the Heil PR781 a good audio too for SSB. The FT2000 is for 6 meter and HF.

Back to Kenwood TS990. What a great rig is that. He love to work with is one. A great rig for QRP DX-ing. He never had a Icom. Well, a porto IC-20. And after that one again Kenwood TH-97e for 2m-70cm. Still in the shack. A very nice small porto is the Intek KT-950ee, in sue for lissening to the local repeaters PI2APD and PI3APD.

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  1. Remko (PE1MEW)

    Hi Adriaan, Ik wilde op de komende verenigingsavond QSL kaarten brengen van HB100JAM voor Nederlandse zendamateurs maar ik kan niet langs komen op de avond zelf.
    Is er een mogelijkheid dat ik ze een keer bij jou thuis kom afleveren?
    Ik hoor graag van je.
    Best 73es, Remko, PE1MEW

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